prom 2011 hairstyle preview

December 3rd, 2010

As the trends begin to emerge for prom 2011…we just had to share some of our favorite hairstyles with you! Updo’s are a classic prom style but you can give it a modern twist by adding hairpins. To create a style like this:


purchase some small pearl pins. We love these ( Ask your hairdresser to stick them along the bottom of the style to steal the look!

Want to rock a headband? To nab this kind of style like Emma Roberts:


try a satin headband like this one : which is easy to tie into any hairstyle!

Bridal Show this weekend!

September 28th, 2010

Come stop by our booth at the Wedding Day Expo at the Seaport Hotel this Sunday Oct 3rd! We will be giving away free bridal shoes and a free veil! Click here to register for 2 for 1 tickets!

It’s never too early to start thinking about prom

July 28th, 2010

It’s never too early to start planning for your prom.  Many girls start planning several months to a year in advance.  Using your free time in the summer, start thinking about what colors look best on you.  For example for fair skin tones, try purples or jewel tones and for darker skin tones oranges and reds. Also, think about styles of dresses that you’ll feel sexy and confident in.  Thinking about styles and colors will help you narrow your search for the perfect dress.  Make prom 2011 a stress free one!

May 14th, 2010

Hey Girls!

During prom season, one of the biggest problems my friends and I run into is what essential items to bring. Since we don’t have our usual over sized bags, we need to narrow down the items to fit into that cute tiny clutch. Here at PromShoe, we came up with a list that keeps you from over packing the unnecessary.

-   Two Make-up Items: We spent hours getting ready for this! Theres no need to bring your whole make-up bag, just a couple favorites for touch ups. We suggest a lip gloss for after the meal, and eye liner to fix what wore off on the dance floor.
-   A Pack of Gum or Mints: These are always quick and handy to freshen up after a meal!
-   Tampon/Pad: Nothing could ruin your night faster than a little accident. Be prepared!
-   Camera and/or Cell Phone: This is basically self explanitory, we need tons of pictures to remember the amazing night!  And who goes anywhere without thier cell these days?

Hope this helps you all when pulling your stuff together! What other things would you bring?

Afraid your heels will sink into the grass?

March 19th, 2010

SOLEMATESAre you taking prom pictures outside? Try this great new product! Solemates come in clear or black and slip right onto the heel of your shoe. They create more surface area keeping the heels from sinking into the grass! They can be removed when you are done with no damage to the shoe. This way, you can take pictures in your backyard without worrying about your shoes! Check them out at!

prom theme?

February 8th, 2010

For the first time, my high school is going to do a theme for prom this year! I am on the prom comittee and we are having trouble coming up with a unique and fun idea. Does anyone have suggestions for a cool prom theme?


January 21st, 2010

Check out this cool new product! They are called “Footzyrolls” and are basically ballet flats that roll up so you can throw them in your purse! I don’t know about you guys but after wearing heels all night my feet are always killing me! These are great to throw on for the walk home or to change into for dancing! Follow this link to check them out:


Register your prom dress

January 19th, 2010

It is never too early to start looking for your prom dress! For me, the worst thing that could happen at prom would be showing up in the same dress as someone else. That is why I always make sure to buy my dress early. Here’s a tip: ask your dress shop if they will register your dress. Many shops keep a running list of who bought what dress and which prom they are going to. This is especially important if you live in a smaller town where there are limited dress stores. Less places to shop=higher chance of two girls having the same dress. Buying your dress early and having it registered ensures that you have first choice of dresses and that noone else will steal your spotlight on the biggest night of high school.

A twist on Bella’s Prom look in Twilight

November 27th, 2009

I know some of you out there must be as mildly obsessed with Twlight as I am! I was sitting home re-watching it this weekend and couldn’t wait for the oh-so epic prom scene. In typical Bella fashion, she wore sneakers with her prom dress. But for those of us who want to look like Bella for prom and are not brave enough to rock sneakers, I have come up with a few alternatives. Here is Bella’s prom look:













And here are some other options what would look awesome with the same dress:



Any of these would spice up her look a little bit. The first two could be dyed to match her blue dress. The last one makes a statement all it’s own. Does anyone know where you can find the dress she is wearing?

Prom Fashion Show Dec. 18th!

November 23rd, 2009

Hey Guys! We will be at the 1st Annual Elegance by Carbonneau Pre-Prom Fashion Show & Dance! If you live in the Massachusetts area, come down and check us out! You can enter to win free prom shoes, a free handbag, and a limo to take you and your friends to prom in style! I posted the flyer for the event below. See you there!

Prom Fashion Show 2010